Children and youth art contest "The Hanseatic Way" is part of musical and educational project "The Hanseatic Way: A Musical Journey Through a Shared Past". We are inviting children and youth from the former Hanseatic countries to take part in this huge international project and become co-creators of the videofilm, which will be screened during 8 concerts of the project in 7 European countries as the part of important musical and cultural festivals! This contest is a great opportunity for children to explore the culture of Hanseatic countries, participate in a large-scale collaborative creation that unites disciplines of history, music and art, and receive international visibility as well as compete for prizes.

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Terms and conditions:

 Please download images of Hanseatic cities here:

Antwerp. Bonaventura Peeters (I). View of Antwerp.XVI century

Antwerpen.Lucas van Valckenborch.Ansicht von Antwerpen.XVI century

Basel. Legende der heiligen Ursula.Ankunft in Basel.Sammlung Ferdinand Franz Wallraf.XV century

Bergen. City of Bergen.XVI century

Braunschweig.Georg Braun; Frans Hogenberg.XVI century

Bremen.Georg Braun; Frans Hogenberg.XVI century

Bruge.Jan Baptist van Meunincxhove.The Burg in Bruges.XVII century

Visby.Unknown Author. Visby i Slutningen af det 16de Aarhundrede.XVI century

Deventer.Dutch city maps,Edited by Willem and Joan Blaeu.XVII century

Dortmund.Georg Braun and Franz Hogenberg.Historical view of the German town of Dortmund.XVI and XVII century

Erfurt.Johannes de Indagine.Kartäuserkloster.XVI century

Erfurt.A. Koberger.Imprint.XV century

Erfurt.Michel Wolgemut, Wilhelm Pleydenwurff.Woodcut of Erfurt from the Nuremberg Chronicle.XV century

Frankfurt (Oder).Georg Braun; Frans Hogenberg.Braun Frankfurt an der Oder.XVI century

Frankfurt (Oder).Unknown Author.Battle of Frankfurt an der Oder.XVII century

Gdansk.Andrzej Stech.A stroll outside the walls of Gdańsk.XVII century

Gdansk.Isaak van den Blocke. Allegory of Gdańsk trade XVII century

Gottingen.Heinrich Bünting.Gottingen - view of the city from the west.XVI century

Hamburg.Ajepbah.Hamburg Ship Law.Cover picture from the section on sea law „Van schiprechte”.XV century

Hamburg.Elias Gallis.Convoy ships in the Elbe.XVII century

Hamburg.Georg Braun and Franz Hogenberg.Historical sight of the German town of Hamburg.XVI-XVII century

Kampen.Source,University of GroningenDutch city maps, Edited by Willem and Joan Blaeu.XVII century

Kaunas.Church of St.George and of the Bernardine Monastery.XVIII century

Kings Lynn.Wenceslas Hollar.View and map of King’s Lynn.XVII century

Kaunas.Church of St.George and of the Bernardine Monastery.XVIII century

Köln.Wallraf-Richartz-Museum & Fondation Corboud WRM.XV century

Königsberg.Unknown Author.Unknown date.

Krakow.Georg Braun, Frans Hogenberg.View of Kraków.XVI century

Krakow.Gottfried Libalt.View of Kraków.XVII century

Krakow.Michel Wolgemut, Wilhelm Pleydenwurff.Woodcut of Kraków from the Nuremberg Chronicle.XV century

London.The Museum of South Taranaki.XVII century

Lubeck.Georg Braun, Frans Hogenberg.Hand-colored Lithography.XIV century

Lubeck.Hans Memling.Altar triptych from the Lübeck Cathedral.XV century

Lubeck.Michel Wolgemut, Wilhelm Pleydenwurff.(Woodcut of Lübeck from the Nuremberg Chronicle.XV century

Lunenburg.Hans Bornemann.The punishment of Aegeas.XV century

Malmö.Frans Hogenberg.Image of Malmö (Elbogen) in Scania, Southern Sweden.XVI century

Münster.Georg Braun, Frans Hogenberg.Historical view of the German town of Münster.XVI century

Münster.Gerard ter Borch.Intocht van de gezant Adriaan Pauw in Münster.XVII century

Pernau.Unknown Author.Drawing of the town of Pärnu.XVI century

Polock.Unknown Author.XVI century

Riga.Georg Braun, Frans Hogenberg.Panorama of Riga.XVI century

Riga.Johann Christoph Brotze.XVII century

Rostock. H.-P.Haack.XVII century

Rostock.Hans Weigel.XVI century

Stockholm.Jacob Elbfas.The Sun dog Painting.XVII century

Stockholm.Mats Halldin. Sodra Bancohuset.XVII century

Stockholm.Willem Swidde.Stockholm, Sweden from east.XVII century

Szczecin.Matthäus Merian.Engraving by Matthäus Merian.XVII century

Tallinn.Adam Olearius.View of Tallinn from 17th century.XVII century

Tartu.XVI century

Torun Matthäus Merian.View of the town from 1641.XVII century

Vienna.Unknown Author.Meister des Wiener Schottenaltars.XV century

Vilnius.Georg Braun, Frans Hogenberg.XVI century

Wismar.Martin Weigel.XVI century

Vilnius.Tomasz Makowski.XVII century